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GoPro Hero 9 AHDBT901 ADBAT001 Akkumulátor / akku - Patona Prémium

Ingyenes szállítás 30.000 Ft feletti rendelés esetén

30.000 Ft felett

Maximum 40kg-os tömeghatárig



7.390 Ft (5.819 Ft + ÁFA)
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Cikkszám: PT-1347
Elérhetőség: Külső raktáron
Szállítási díj: 790 Ft
Ekkor kapod meg (GLS/DPD): 2022. július 11.

Ingyenes szállítás 30.000 Ft feletti rendelés esetén (mobil)

30.000 Ft felett

Maximum 40kg-os tömeghatárig



Termékleírás és jellemzők

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PATONA Premium Battery f. GoPro Hero 9 AHDBT901 ADBAT001

This high-quality battery for GoPro Hero 9 is from the Premium series of the popular German brand PATONA. It was developed to meet the needs of demanding customers. The newly created PATONA Premium series is aimed at professional photographers and photo shops, among others. Thanks to the particularly long battery life, this premium battery is also suitable for any other type of professional use.

It goes without saying that the PATONA brand is produced to the highest quality standards. However, in order to take a further step towards quality leadership and increased customer satisfaction, PATONA once again increased its quality awareness and launched the new long-life PATONA Premium battery series on the market.

We are proud to offer you this premium product and hope you will enjoy using it.

Specifications battery:
Capacitance: 1730mAh / 3.85V / 6.7Wh
Type: Li-Ion
Brand: PATONA Premium

Replaces the following original batteries:
GoPro GoPro Hero 9 AHDBT901 ADBAT001

Things to know:
The batteries of the PATONA brand have been known for many years for their very good quality. Customers all over Europe are convinced of our batteries with the highest cycle stability and emphasize the associated high number of possible charging and discharging cycles.

This Li-Ion battery replaces the GoPro Hero 9 and features low self-discharge even when not in use. This low energy loss pays off in three ways, because:
1) the battery can be used again quickly even when not in use for a long time
2) it does not have to be charged unnecessarily often, which influences the service life of the battery upwards and
3) the environment is also protected thanks to the minimal energy loss

The claim of the PATONA brand is a high standard of quality. Of course, this also includes extraordinary safety standards. The perfectly compatible replica batteries naturally include all the electronic safety precautions of the original batteries and meet the highest European quality standards.

PATONA always offers top quality at fair prices. Even the brand's new premium series can be purchased at affordable prices.
With the new Premium series of the mark PATONA everyone, all the same whether professional or hobby photographer, can acquire an extremely high performance Akku and Exclusivity.

Pictures are only for illustration purposes - delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA.


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